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Travel and Venue Information

We will update this site as needed, so please check back for additional information


All in-person attendees are responsible for arranging their own transportation and lodging. We will provide morning and afternoon refreshments, as well as lunch on-site. There is no on-site registration, you must Apply to attend. 

Venue and Address

New York Genome Center
Address: 101 6th Ave, New York, NY 10013
Phone: (646) 977-7000
Google Maps Location


Nearby Lodging

There are a number of hotels in the area, and NYC offers many accessible options via Subway or Bus. While all cities have areas of caution, the neighborhood around the venue is vibrant and safe.

Hotels with Google Map links and contact information


Public Transportation

NYC is well-connected by Bus and Subway, with the Subway operating on a 24-hour schedule every day. It connects to most major transportation hubs and is priced per ride, not by distance. Find all transit information and fares at

For those taking the rail, Amtrak (Website) offers nationwide rail connections. This includes connecting to the MTA system, featuring MetroNorth (for the Northeastern US) and Long Island Rail Road.

Rideshare and Taxi

Uber and Lyft are widely available, and NYC is extensively covered by Taxi services. Do not accept unsolicited rides to and from the airport as they may overcharge or lack proper insurance.



New York City is served by three major international airports:

  • LaGuardia (LGA): Often the point of entry for domestic flights: Website

  • John F. Kennedy (JFK): The largest nearby international airport, also offering many domestic flights. It is best connected to the subway and rail services to Manhattan via the "AirTrain,": Website

  • Newark (EWR): Located in New Jersey but accessible via public transportation to Manhattan: Website

Other Useful Information for Trip Planning

Other Venue Information

  • Guests may enter the NYGC on the Events Entrance on Avenue of the Americas; it will be clearly marked

  • NYGC shall have no responsibility for damage or loss of any merchandise or property of guests, or any other person or entity. 

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