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Global Bioinformatics Education Summit — 2024

Energizing Communities to Power the Bioeconomy Workforce 

May 20-22, 2024

New York Genome Center, New York, USA (and online)

Applications Now Open

The 6th Annual Global Bioinformatics Education Summit (GBES) comes to the United States for the first time—May 20-22, 2024, in-person in New York City and online via Zoom.


Like its predecessors, the 2024 GBES is a working meeting that gathers bioinformatics educators and other experts to address challenges in bioinformatics education and workforce development. Participants will share successes and challenges, and the outcomes of the summit will set priorities and issue calls to action.


New to GBES, the 2024 summit will feature a day of practical workshops offering tools and strategies for improving educational practices—workshop call will open in February 2024. Additionally, a new Funders, Industry, and Policymakers Forum will bring together decision-makers to develop strategies that coordinate and synergize bioinformatics education efforts.

We are now accepting applications!
Applications are evaluated on a rolling basis and close on April 30, 2024.

About GBES

GBES is an open and inclusive working meeting where the global bioinformatics education community develops solutions to educational roadblocks. Our vision is to enable the excellent bioinformatics education currently happening in a few places to happen everywhere.

Who should attend

  • Educators instructing bioinformatics at all levels, including pre-college, college, and professional, as well as educators-in-training developing their career options.

  • Program coordinators and instructional designers developing institutional, regional, national, or international training programs and strategies.

  • Education and assessment experts specializing in evidence-based instructional design and evaluation.

  • Industry and workforce liaisons interested in strengthening the talent pool of bioinformaticians and biology-literate data scientists.

  • Inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility experts working to maximize participation and ensure ethical and just professional practice.

  • Funding agencies, professional societies, and policymakers seeking ways to coordinate efforts and maximize the impact of their investments.

Seeking Sponsors

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